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David Bareford (b. 1947) was born and raised in New Jersey, but moved to New England after graduating from the University of Montana. He settled in Rockport, Massachusetts, a historic seaside artists’ colony, and has found success translating his own connection to the ocean through oil paintings that capture the depth of color, movement, and vitality he sees in the ocean environment. In his words, “If a picture is successful, it speaks for itself. I am a responder. I see things in the world that are beautiful and respond to that beauty on the canvas.”

Bareford seems to beckon his viewers to leave the hurried world behind and join him in the simple joys of sea and sky. With bold, expressive color, he conveys the ebullient feelings of freedom that come with turning one’s attention to the sea. He was the recipient of the Stobart Foundation Award at the 31st Annual International Marine Art Exhibit at Mystic Seaport in 2010.                                     

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