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Jacob A. Pfeiffer (b. 1974) earned his bachelor’s degree, with highest honors, from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1996. At just 40, Pfeiffer has headlined 15 solo exhibitions, and been featured in more than 50 group shows.

Pfeiffer's technique is precise and uncannily accurate. Purposefully provocative compositions are constructed with meticulous craftsmanship. A rich and deeply-saturated palette is used to depict a myriad of complex textures. Pfeiffer designs his spaces with a deceptive simplicity that resonates with a sense of volume, drama, power and above all, humor. In many of his works, Pfeiffer plays with double entendre, re-interpreting common words and phrases with unexpected combinations.

Pfeiffer’s work has found a wide array of admiring collectors and has been featured in American Arts Quarterly, ArtNews, The Artist's Magazine and graced the covers of American Artist, Southwest Art, and American Art Collector. His inclusion in several high profile museum shows attests to the status of this successful young painter. Pfeiffer lives in Madison, WI with his wife and two children.

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