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b. 1981 Boston, MA

Leo Mancini-Hresko is an oil painter that creates painterly, dynamic work with bold, rich use of the medium and effects of light and shade on the canvas.  In the tradition of the impressionists of the last century, after classical training, he chooses to work in a broad, urgent style full of evident brushwork and layering, even when rendering sensitive subjects.

Mancini-Hresko lived in Florence from 2000-2011, and attended The Florence Academy of Art, where he was given a position a head instructor and artist in residence for much of his time at the school.  Towards the end of his time in Florence, he spent an increasing amount of time painting outdoors, studying effects of color and light to combine with his academic training.

In 2011 Leo returned to his native Boston, Massachusetts, and works at his studio in a historic mill building in Waltham, MA.  Since 2005, he has exhibited his work in the US and abroad, and is represented widely in both private and public collections.

"The most important element in painting is the creation of imagery.  A beautiful image must be considered in composition, color, drawing and execution; it is not enough, however, to just make an image including all four elements.  Already that is well difficult.  A painting should be painted; you must see the process, the brushstrokes, creation of the ground, glazes and impastos.  No two inches of any picture should be treated the same.  What always drew me to painting was the contrast between rough and smooth, harsh and subtle.  That is where beauty is. I hope to draw the viewer in, to see the world a moment in the way I do."

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